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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Malaysia Day vs Pantai Sepat, Kuantan 2013. (part 1)

It was a lovely and memorable weekend for my family and I. Especially my kids, (all boys) age 9, 4 and half and 2 and half.

Our journey from KL was not as smooth as we thought. The traffic was heavy heading towards Genting Highland. Probably KL citizens were taking the opportunity of the long weekend and maybe because of the final match of Pesta Bola Merdeka - Malaysia vs Mymar to be held at Stadium Darul Makmur at Kuantan Pahang. The fastest way by car is to take the Karak Highway as we did.

Around 4pm we arrived at my sister in law's house after 4.5 hours of intense driving...(my wife did most of the driving actually  :p). Greeted by nephews and nieces (parents went out to buy the ticket for the final match) we felt so happy.

After a chit chat and a few cups of teh tarik and fried noodles we went for a quick picnic at Pantai Sepat together with my in law's family. Pantai Sepat is a beautiful beach stretches for 3 to 4 kilometers. The sand is white. You could feel wind blows most of the time. There were loads of trees that provide natural shade along the beach. There were few shops, restaurants and food stalls and the most important thing, less development. For me it was good so that the natural beauty thing of surrounding area preserved.

The kids were happy running around, some of them play with the water and sometimes they found crabs and sea shells. It was a happy and memorable moment!!.. I will treasure it !!!..

Will come again soon...