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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Quick Fashion Tips For Men / Tips Fesyen Untuk Lelaki

Sejak kebelakangan ini kita dapat lihat trend popular online shopping Malaysia melanda seluruh negara. Ianya bermula dengan kemunculan banyak website online shopping Malaysia di internet yang tumbuh bagai cendawan selepas hujan. Golongan lelaki turut dilanda demam online shopping ini. Bahkan saya sendiri semakin menyukai shopping online dan mempunyai sebab tersendiri.

Dalam blog post ini I am going to give you something that many men probably don’t see too often – a quick list of some practical tips fesyen untuk lelaki. Keep scrolling!


1. Fit is king – antara penambahbaikan dramatik one can make in style is to always make sure everything fits perfectly. Most men out there wear clothes that are just too large. You have to make sure that everything you are planning to wear is hugging your body shape, but not too tight.
2. Biarkan ianya ringkas – mungkin ianya adalah impian anda to have a wardrobe that looks great, but just keep in mind not to overdo it. Never go out with more than three pieces of jewellery or accessories, or more than three colours.

3. Change the way you see casual – it doesn’t have to be plain boring. Try to have fun with collared shirts and you can take some inspiration from those who know how to approach casual a bit differently.
4. Don’t shop alone – many of you would agree that most of the time, it is quite tough to trust the sales people. If you ship with a close friend of yours, they could give you their honest opinion.

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